Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Since Forever.............

OK-Not sure if anyone even reads this anymore since it has been forever since I posted. The creation of Facebook has taken over my power to share pictures and info with family and friends!

Everything is chucking along here as the triplets are almost 2 years old and the rest of the family continues to age faster then I care too. Hayden turned 10 this weekend. I now have 2 children in thier double digits. Thank Goodness I still look 20!!!! HEHEHE!!! Ok-I'll take 30 since that isn't even that close.


Tristen is playing for the Arctic Lions Tier II hockey team. He travels to ANC alot and we went to Phoenix for a tournament. It was awesome as I got to see Nicki's family and then headed to Cancun with Shawn for a few days, all alone!!!! Tristen got to have a bunch of family come and see him play that never would of got to see a game in Alaska so it was a special treat to him.

Hayden just turned 10 and played in his first out of town tournament this weekend. Can't say it went well but we had a lot of fun!!!! He continues to thrive at playing hockey and is just an all around great kid.

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Holden is loving pre-school and so is his momma. He really needs the break away from the triplets! He has grown so much this year and is cracking us up all the time. Just to share..... Set the scene: Holdy fell asleep in the car on the way to Aunt Carmens. Dad put him on Uncle Marty's bed and took of his pants to put on a pull-up. Some time during hte night Holdy woke up and was ticked he was in Uncle Marty's bed so he came in and got into our bed. The next morning he walks into Marty's room, throws on the lights, and demands to know................ Holdy, "Marty, WHERE ARE MY PANTS!?!?" Uncle Marty (throws blanket over his head), "Oh Gosh, I don't Know where your pants are kid." Holdy (puts his hands on his hips and yells) "Marty, I HAD pants on when I went to bed!" Mom is sitting outside the door laughing hysterically at Holdy interogating a sleepy Uncle Marty on where his pants were. Holdy also started hockey this year and is an Ice Puppy.

Ciana-as we were warned has turned into the Queen of the house. As sweet as she is she is also the boss and will let everyone know it. She tries to mother the boys and unfortunately they let her get away with a lot of it which does not help the cause. She does have a way of lighting up all her brothers eyes and knows she is very loved.

Camden continues to be a true character. he is a Daddy's boy through and through and LOVES SPORTS! You will not find Camden without a hockey stick, basketball or football. And he has the uncanny way of knowing exactley how to use each piece of equipment. Him and Colten play hockey all around the house and Camden can even dribble the basketball down a hall. As for his spiral on hte football, well I can say with certainty that it is quite good as it has hit me in the face numerous times!

Colten is as sweet as ever. he has a zest for life that can't be duplicated. He thinks everthing is great-even as he is crying on the floor right now. Every now nad then it will be completely quiet and then all of the sudden this infectious laugh will fill the house and you know it is Colten. He appears to love hockey just as much as Camden and the two of them still play all day.

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