Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Kissy Boy

Shawn and I can NOT get enough of this little kissy face!

First Sledding Trip

We took all the little ones sledding the other day in this beautiful warm weather. It was a lot of fun and REALLY great to get outdoors!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mom's Helper

This morning was great! Holden took over breakfast duties and fed Camden and Colten from his bowl.

Morning Moose!

This was the view from the triplets bedroom window yesterday morning. There were two moose outside but the other one was laying down and not as visible. This little lady was right by the window. You can tell it was in the morning by Holdy's bed head!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Nothing really exciting going on. Babies are closing in on one year old! It has gone entirely too fast! For their first birthday we are going to have them Baptised. I am really excited. I ordered three outfits from a shop in England and CAN NOT wait to get them and see them! I felt it was only appropriate to baptize them on their first birthday and honor our gifts from above by blessing them.

We are getting ready for another hockey trip to Anchorage this week and then we should get a break. Except that my crazy husband thinks the boys need to play spring league! I think we need a financial break! Oh No.... I think today was the last day to register! OOPPPSSSS! We may have missed the deadline! Dagnabit!

Well, here are some pictures from today for your viewing pleasures!

Beach Ready!

Ciana had to try on her new beach wear. California may be 2 months away but when it is -25 out one must dream TODAY!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Bigger Boyz

Can you tell which one loves the camera and which one hates it?

The lil' boyz

It is just so hard to tell who the sweet one is and who the wild one is!

Party at Cami's Crib

It was Cami's turn to host the nightly party. All those invited thought it was quite a success!

Tristen and Homework

My beautiful teenager is so proficient at his homework. It sure makes a mama proud!

Mobile Me

Ciana has acquired many bumps and bruises on this mobile journey. The screams come and go but the bruises seem to always be there! Don't think they bother too much though. I am sure they are a good price to pay for freedom!

I've ruined them FOREVER!

Yes-those are cheese puffs. Horrible mother I know. But boy, did they love them!