Saturday, December 27, 2008


We got weighed the other day and Camden has now put a 5 lb gap between him and his sister who weighed the same as him at birth! Cami weighed in at 20 lbs, Colten at 18lbs, and little Miss Ciana weighed 15 lbs. They are growing so fast! Colten is the tallest and the wildest. He has to be moving at all times. Camden has 4 teeth through and 2 that are very close to the surface. Ciana has 1 on the bottom and is working on her second.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Friday, December 19, 2008

I am apparently inept at downloading a video to my blog so click on the link and enjoy!
Rub A Dub Dub Holdy's Got Three Babies in a Tub!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Too Fast

The boys have outgrown yet another batch of clothes. These were such cute little dittos. I guess I can't stop them from growing! Such a bummer as they are pretty sweet right now. But I know what is to come! I wonder how long they will let me dress them alike? I think the bigger dilemma is being able to give up all the clothes! I have been so used to saving them for the next baby but there will be no more here! So stinkin hard to part with all this adorable stuff!

Disasterous First Photo Shoot

I guess this is about as good as it gets when you try to get a family photo with 6 kids! Including one triplet who was not feeling well and a very uncooperative 3 yr old. Here are our best shoots. Now you will see why no one ever got copies! LOL! I do think that they capture us about perfectly though! No smooth sailing in this house-just free expression!

We have another winner!

Little Miss Ciana has won second for getting her first tooth on December 15! She is working hard at using it too! Enjoy a little smile from our no longer toothless girl!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy Holidays

OK-So I stink at blogging. As much as I am on the computer, posting pistures, emailing, and maybe just maybe, doing a little shopping, you think I would get better at this! We are all doing fantastic here! Tristen and Hayden are busy with school and hockey. Holden is busy tormenting his mother and younger siblings, and the trio is just plain busy! Time is passing by so quickly and they are all growing up too fast. Tristen just turned 13! I officially have a teenager now! Oh the lovely mouth on that one! Here are some recent photos and updates. Enjoy and Happy Holidays from the Masterclan!

Tristen Shane 13 yrs

My big teenager Tristen. Oh the misery of a beloved teenager! LOL! For the most part, if I forget the smart mouth (or should I say dumb mouth) and the constant cell phone action, he would be a perfect child! Tristen loves hockey and soccer. He is great at both like his little brother. He is loving Jr. High (personally I think because of the girls but he will not admit that). Tristen has been a joy in my life for 13 yrs and still is. I could go on and on about Tristen like the others but I already know I have said to much, according to him, and will pay for it dearly! LOL! Tristen believes that I am the most embarrassing person in the world. I would argue with him but I do so love proclaiming my undying love to him as loud as possible every time I drop him off at school! Ahhh, a mothers rights!

Hayden Shawn

Hayden............My fire in the whole. My red headed child that follows all the rules of being a red head. Hayden is a very creative and loving kid. He loves to play hockey, soccer, and his Nintendo DS. Hayden adores his mother-at least I know he does. He just hasn't figured it out yet! LOL! Hayden loves being a brother and is great with his little brothers and sister. Now if he could just get along with his older brother. One would never guess that he actually looks up to him, and if you ever hinted at that to Hayden he would vehemently deny this!

Holden Kinley 3 years

My Holdy Bear. Holden is a lovable spunky three yr old. He loves to run, jump, and drive his mother crazy. He also loves to cuddle and give her lots of hugs and kisses. Holden is a very happy child that loves his baby brothers and sister, especially now that they can interact, and tolerates his older brothers. Holden is growing up way too fast and has left behind the baby/toddler days. He is currently taking swimming lesson, or rather shark lessons as he calls it. No matter how hard we try to kick him out of our bed, he always seems to find his way right back in, smack in the middle of Dad and I. Oh well, all to soon I won't be able to get him to hug me, let alone sleep with me!

Colten Jace 8 Months

Colten Jace...... Colten is the life of the party. He loves life and life loves him. Colten is always smiling and laughing. He loves his jumperoo and can jumo for hours. He even likes to nap in it! LOL! Colten loves food and you can't spoon feed him fast enough while feeding. He is also the first to hold his own bottle. Colten is a total people person. He has a smile for everyone and can easily make everyone smile. Colten has those amazing blue eyes and littel dimples that light up when he smiles. Many people say he looks just like Tristen and you can bet Tristen gets quite a kick out of that. Of course I tell him Colten is way cuter but I don't think Tristen could ever believe anyone was cuter then himself! LMBO!

Ciana Anise

Ciana Ciana Ciana, what to say about our little girl. Well she is all girl. She is a very sweet little girl that loves to smile, but tick her off and OH NO! She will let you know she is unhappy! There are a few things that should NEVER be done to Ciana. 1.) Her brothers should never touch her while she is eating! Big NO NO. 2.) Her brothers should never kick her, another NO NO. and 3.) Her brothers should NEVER NEVER take a toy from her. If any of these above rules are broken, Ciana is very likely to break glass with her scream! LOL! Luckily we know this so we attempt to keep the temptation of breaking these rules away from her brothers. Ciana has 100% captured her Daddy's heart and can make him even forgive her brothers by just giving him a simple smile. AHHH the power of a tiny girl that weighs less then 15 lbs! She really is a sweet girl though and besides the above named rules, doesn't complain at all. I think she knew just what she was doing when she choose this family!

Camden Blaise

Camden Blaise is still the biggest of the bunch. He is my Chunky Monkey and as sweet as ever. Cami or Cam Cam as we like to call him, has a very quiet and sweet disposition. He could be very happy just cuddling all day and is much more reserved then his siblings. Camden loves to hold the hands of his siblings and frequently will search them out when sitting next to them. He has these amazing baby brown eyes with lushes lashes that just kill me every time he bats them at me. Camden is now sitting up by himself and his Aunt Carmen swears he was the first to roll back to tummy while we were visitng her this past Thanks Giving. You would think Camden was the eater of the group by his size but not so. Camden is a very neat eater-rarely messing up his pretty face when he is eating. He likes small bites and not too sure about quite a few fruits yet. Cami is the champion of the teeth though and is the first to have them! He has both his bottom teeth and can use them quite well on ones finger!

Friday, August 15, 2008

First Post

OK-This is our first post! Everyone here is doing well! Shawn is working a lot and I am taking care of the kiddos! Tristen is starting Jr. High in a few days and Hayden will be in the 3rd grade! I will be busy at home playing with Holden and the triplets. The triplets had their 4 month check up last week and weighed in at:
Ciana- 9lbs 8 oz.
Colten- 11 lbs 11 oz.
Camden- 12 lbs 15 oz.
Our little runt has taken the lead and not letting go! He has been determined from the get go!
Well, I have lost our camera so pictures will be few for awhile but we are taking professional photos on the 23rd so be sure to check back for new photos soon!