Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Just More Bath Time Fun!

We LOVE our BUBBLES!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Fresh Outdoors

This is how Daddy pushes Holden down the hill. Holden wasn't as impressed as Dad and Mom who thought it was pretty funny! We have been having nightly walks around the neighborhood and playing int he hayfield now that the sun is finally coming out and the weather is warming up!!

Busy, Busy, Busy

We KNOW we are not supposed to be in this cabinet but since someone left it open all is fair! Little stinkers. Stickin together to get into as much trouble as possible!

Outside Fun

This is our new play area. We love it for about 30 minutes or so and then want OUT! Mommy loves it too!

Happy Easter

Our cousin Calie came to visit for Easter. We had a lot of fun playing. Calie needs to share some of that hair with Ciana though! LOL! Calie loved the tunnel as well but we uploaded the wrong picture! It was supposed to be of her sitting in it-Not her REAR!
I am consistantly under attack from the trio. Anytime I sit down all 3 of them are on me!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

We Turned ONE!

We are still recovering from the triplets 1st birthday party! We invited close family and friends and at last count there was 70-yes 70-close family and friends that came. It was insane! But it was a once in a lifetime thing! My sister and her family came up from Palmer as well as their Uncle Kelly. We had 30 people show up at church for the baptism. Everyone just came all out for the day! The triplets scored in presents. Thank Goodness! LOL! I don't have to buy toys until their second birthday! The babies even got their first pre-paid credit cards! YeeHaw! Thank you Amanda and Tasha! Those are going straight to our CALI fund! My camera died but we did get video.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Triplet's Baptism

We had an awesome Baptism. A ton of family and friends showed up to help celebrate our babies! Above is a picture of some of our supporters. Some had already left to get to the party but it was AWESOME!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Scariest day of my life...On Top of the List....

So all 3 babies were supposed to have tubes placed in their ears today and thier adnoids removed. Supposed to be a simple procedure, 1/2 an hour a piece and we were supposed to head home. Well...... of course things do NOT go that way with the Masterclan! Colten goes in first and everything goes great, in and out. Then Cami goes in................ time goes by...... Dr. comes out...procedure went fine, just waiting for him to come out of anesthesia.......... hour goes by........... Can he really be in recovery this long????? More time......... Dr. comes and says Cami is not breathing on his own........... His eyes are open but unable to breath in own. They are keeping him in surgery room and will come and get us when he is breathing on his own. Don't worry. Some kids take longer then others.......... Another hour. By this time I am having complete anxiety attacks and the tears are flowing. Where are the Dr.'s and why isn't anyone coming to tell me what is going on. Why isn't Cam in recovery? Thoughts are racing! More tears flowing. Finally I am asked to come back to recovery. Camden is breathing but his heart is racing and his breathing is erratic. Horrible sight. Blood around his mouth. Iv pops out when he sees me because he swings his hands. Pure terror in his face. Pure terror in my heart. His oxygen levels stink and he is gurgling and choking! Can't handle this! Not my sweet Camden. But thankful he is awake. Still scared but I am able to breath. Trying to send Camden every breath I take. Finally he recovers........... 6 hours after surgery began. Will I ever recover? Doubt it! I am in this for life! So thankful for my blessing. Thank you God!