Saturday, January 31, 2009

Holdy's Godzilla

Holdy wanted to make a Godzilla cake really bad and was shocked to find out mommy could! You should of seen his face when he realized it was really a Godzilla cake!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Recognize these?

These overalls have been well worn and loved by many of my sons. These overalls made it through Hayden, Holden, now are on Camden, and will surely make it to Colten. They still look like new too! Of course Cami models them perfectly!

The crawl!!!!!!!!!!

OH NO! It is getting closer everyday! Colten is soooo close to crawling. He gets up and rocks and rocks and goes backwards but still falls on his belly when he tries to go forward. I do, however, know that he will eventually get it and it will be any day now!!!!!!!!! The others are mimicking him and will soon follow! HELP!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Bath Time Fun!

Time goes TOO fast.

OK-We are being featured in the Providence NICU Newsletter. Not sure when it is coming out but they made me get photos from their birth to send them. I just wanted to share my pain and joys of them growing so big on me! I am sooo happy to see them thriving but sooo sad it is going so fast!

Our Big Little Cam Cam

The pictures say it all. He is just the happiest little doll! You can't get mad at Cami because he is just so darn sweet! My little guy who started out so small the Dr. predicted I would loose him, is now my biggest at almost 21 lbs! And to think he only weighed 3.4lbs at birth! Love him!

Sweet Colten

Sweet Colten Jace. He has so much passion. Most people call it whining but I think it is just a passion for life! He is just about to crawl-Lord help me! He is so active! Colten weighed 3.9lbs at birth and is now 19 pounds. He eats the most and but burns a lot of calories going going going.

Ciana Girl

My precious sweet girl. 3.4 lbs to 16 lbs. She is everything I had hoped for in a daughter. So far she is not the tyrant everyone says I deserve! LOL! Not that I was a tyrant. I was an angel just like my daughter! HEHEHE

Just wanted to share some fun photos! Everyone is doing great and mom is just having a lot of fun with the kids these days. I don't have naything to complain about! husband may say different as he says I have become a "Nag," but what's a good wife with 6 kids for? I mean really!?! LOL!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Good Morning Momma.

It is our routine to get each one up and set them in the red chair while I get everyone else up. They have just about outgrown the chair-at least all 3 together. Here is the looks I get every morning! Camden looks twice the size of his siblings!

What! I can't have cake for breakfast?

Every morning we go through the same routine. "Holden, what would you like for breakfast?" "Hot dogs!" "No, you are not having hotdogs for breakfast." "Cake!" "No, you are not having cake for breakfast." This is the results of that conversation.

Hockey Boy

Hayden played in a hockey tournament this weekend. Dad had to help coach as the team choach was on vacation. Hayden played awesome and even took some spills into the boards!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Cami's new trick!

Camden has learned how to clap! He loves playing with his hands and even other peoples hands. He is so sweet and it is just so cute to see him clap all on his own, when he is happy.

Sometimes only a mother could.....................

OK-Colten did it again. No sooner had I gotten the stinky diaper off and was pulling the new diaper up and into place.................. You could probably guess the rest. If it wasn't for this winning smile!

Ciana..I'm happy.....I'm mad...No, I'm happy.... No, I'm mad....

The title says it all............

Home Photo Shoot

I had planned to get the babies all dressed up and do a little home photo shoot, but I never made it to the dress up part and the pre-shoot didn't last to long before nap time. So enjoy what you can as there is always joy in my babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It appears that they posted in reverse so the scoop is...I started with Colten and Camden, and we were doing pretty good. Then I decided to add Ciana and Holden. Did o.k. Then Holden decided he had enough. And all fell apart as you can tell from picture. Photo shoots with 3 babies do not last long! LOL! They were troopers for a moment.

Monday, January 5, 2009

9 Month Close Ups..................


9 Months and Counting!!!

Time is flying by and we are growing up so fast. Mom and Dad are trying to savour every moment but we are hard to keep up with! Wait until we start crawling, walking and running!!! We are supposed to go in and get weighed today along with a round of yucky shots, but our mommy is going to let us skip our appt. today because it is -40 degrees and freezing! We had fun playing this morning. Enjoy some new photos that our mommy took!